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Artist Statement

The only constant in life is change, therefore life changes everything. This is the one concept that has remained true throughout my artistic journey. My work tends to deal with accepting and then overcoming changes that occur throughout life. From my early years as an artist to the present day, I strive to discern these changes through my paintings, sculptures, and videos. My work has become a coping mechanism that allows me to express my feelings and emotions within artistic means. Though I aim to tell my own story, my work tends to be universal in its comprehension. I enjoy staying off the beaten path of specific visual representation. My creative works take on a somewhat complex and at times whimsical nature through their narration. I enjoy utilizing realism, and stylization within the same work format. This mix allows me to deal with weighty concepts while allowing for a light-hearted approach. And as life continues to change, I allow my artistic approach to follow that same course.

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